Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ohio - William Howard Taft NHS and Dayton Aviation Heritage NHP

On a random weekend in June 2015, my mother and I decided to hit a couple close national park sites (my parents live a little north of Cincinnati, OH).  First up, was a trip down into Cincinnati to visit William Howard Taft National Historic Site.  There's a small visitor's center next to the house (with a super tiny parking lot which is bad on busy days) with a few exhibits and a small bookstore.  Then there's a movie and a house tour. 

William Howard Taft NHS is located on Auburn Ave in Cincinnati, OH

Ohio Historical sign about Robert A Taft, William Howard Taft's son.

William Howard Taft NHS

The next day, we drove up to Dayton to visit several Dayton Aviation Heritage NHP sites (there's still a couple we haven't been to).

The main visitors center

The original Wright Cycle Co., next to the main visitors center
Next was Carillon Historical Park, which is super interesting and full of all sorts of fun things (trains, a canal lock, old buildings, etc).  It also houses the reconstructed original Wright Flyer III.

After a little while here, we headed out to Huffman Prairie Flying Field Interpretive Center, where they have some exhibits and a small bookstore, then it was over to Huffman Prairie itself.  Aka the first airport.  It was amazing to be in the same place where the Wright Brothers made their actual first flight and not just a glider.  (I'm an Ohioan, our state was first, not North Carolina!)

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