Friday, November 11, 2016

The Beginning of My National Park Obsession

Like most kids, I'd been to several national park sites as a child.  I mean, if you take a school trip to Washington DC like I did, you see a lot of them, because most of the memorials are all separate national park units.  But I was never all about traveling to the national parks.

And then, in 2014, my mother and I went on a vacation to Tennessee.  We started in Memphis, visiting Shiloh, then drove across to Chattanooga for the battlefields there, then to the Smoky Mountains before heading home.  It was a good trip.  Hot, if I remember correctly.  And while at Shiloh, I discovered this wonderful thing called a national parks passport.  A program that has been around since I was a child, but that I knew absolutely nothing about.  So we picked up a passport and collected on the rest of our trip.

Each vacation since then has been all about national parks.  Particularly civil war battlefields, as my father is a little obsessed and as a result, so am I.  In 2015, we went to Missouri and Arkansas, and in 2016, it was Pennsylvania and then another trip to Indiana.  We even have a trip up to Cuyahoga Valley planned for after Thanksgiving.

And since work is slow, and since I enjoy reading about other people's travels, I thought "why not start a national parks blog?"  So here we go!!!  The first order of business, after this lovely introduction post of course, will be pictures and stories from Tennessee.  Probably multiple posts, because I don't know how else I could do it and not overwhelm myself, as well as the readers that I will hopefully have...  Once I get through all the past trips, I might even post about trips I'm currently planning (I think the current count is five, three short trips this year and two longer ones - so far - for next).

Anyways, happy reading!  Hopefully my adventures are interesting (to someone other than me that is)!

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